Nowadays people like to have more variation and unique style for their home. One of them is a farmhouse style which becomes popular due to its traditional and old-fashioned style.

After the era of the minimalist and modern home, the farmhouse style arises with a simpler concept and more flexible. Some people even have DIY creativity to renovate their home to be in farmhouse style including the kitchen.

There are several elements which usually be applied in farmhouse kitchen style. They become the most significant elements which lead the home belongs to a farmhouse.

No need to live in the countryside to have this type of home. As long as you get the idea, you can make your dream home become real.

Generally, the first elements of the farmhouse kitchen are a piece of freestanding kitchen furniture and the open shelves. The shelves could be attached on the wall or to a freestanding piece.

You may put the plates, bowls or cups there. However, it will get dusty if you do not use them for a long time.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Trends to Spruce Up Your Old Kitchen

The next element is a built-in cupboard. Farmhouse style mostly has this feature. The built-in cupboards are not only for a kitchen but also for a dining room.

You can put the dishes and kitchen set in the kitchen and dining room. Some of the cupboards are built above the counter and some others are set beneath the counter.

You also can arrange it as an open or closed cupboard. Then, the vintage crocks are the main features in a farmhouse. Put some yarn balls, fabric straps, plants, or potatoes in them.

Before you start to decor your kitchen, you better to know what the best kitchen ideas that suits you. Now check out the following farmhouse kitchen ideas below which will look gorgeous on your home.

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If you like crocks as decoration, put them on your kitchen shelf. Besides the crocks, some white ironstone collections have also become the option. They are the fastest and easiest way to add the element of farmhouse style in your kitchen. Just hunt and buy for a good price in the market and set them on the open shelves.